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How to make a 3D paper butterfly: tutorial and free template

The cutest free downloadable Spring template for stickers and decoration ideas We all feel it: springtime is coming and it's definitely time to think about a matching decoration. Now and then there is already a warm and sunny day that makes me sit outside on the balcony and listen to the chirping birds.  I always associate lots of greens, flowers, blossoms and butterflies, moths and critters with this season. That's why I picked this brigth template covered with butterflies out of all my spring themed posts and feature it again. My tutorial about how to make a 3D butterfly was such a great success it's worth to make a second post around it. The beautiful creatures with their broad colorful wings are easy and quick to make and you can use them in a million of ways. Just think about the beautifying planner stickers, mobiles, table decorations, and one-of-a-kind gift tags you can create. You can use the printable to make great mood lifting paper decor. H

Free printable Valentine's Day heart stickers in retro Design

Valentine's Day is coming. So I just collected some awesomely cute links to free printable planner stickers and other DIY templates for lovers. For the whole list just click on the image below.   The picture on the top of this post features a printable sheet covered with hearts in layered sizes and arrows in a simple retro design. The heart outlines and wirtten love words are perfect for quickliy made paper creatiions and adorably decorated handwritten latters. You can download the sticker sheet for free. Print it on any paper, cut it out and it as planner stickers, bookmarks, envelope seals, straw flags and tons of other ideas. Have fun with the vector drawings.

I've got a cold - related goodies and printable pain scale stickers

I made this illustration of a girl holding a hot-water bottle out of an older vector graphic. The moment I decided to announce my comeback to blogging I got a cold. What bad luck! So instead of a real update of my blog and instead of keeping it in a tip-top shape there came another delay... The unattractive symptoms of a cold It turned out that I've got not only a run-of-the-mill cold but a really tough one. And with the cold came all the unattractive symptoms: - the puffy, watery, read eyes that look even worse if you've also ben up all night with a cough, - the dry, cracked, irritated lips from mouth breathing due to the stuffy nose, - the red runny nose... Everything began to taste the same and I sounded like I smoke two packs a day. My brain was definitely foggier than usual. I still feel lousy and I am way behind schedule. Things really were falling apart. Today is the first day I feel capable to write a post again. I've gone through my old stuf

Free printable tropical planner stickers : naive cuteness - Agendasticker - freebie

Sometimes I love naive design like the free printable tropical planner stickers I offer in this blog post. All the tiny illustrations of exotic birds and plants are drawn on it in an abstract way. They are made out of geometric shapes. And yet there really is a naive cuteness in them.  Star animals of this sticker sheet are not only flamingos but also parrots, monkeys, and toucans.  For today's freebie I've only drawn the monkey by myself. The other clipart and the pattern of the rectangle stickers  are designed from freepik. I've bought a license to use them for printables. So I hope you like my choice and the color combination. Click here for the free download of the pdf file. For more free printable summer art and craft just click on the thumbnail below: I also created a toucan border png with some flowers I've drawn myself for the sweetly exotic looking bird with its typically big beak.  Ok, ok, ich geb

Free printable tropical leaf page marker - Lesezeichen - freebie

If you love palm themed motifs I just made the right thing with this free printable tropical leaf template. The decorative illustrations are matching my printable f lamingo planer inserts . The free download features three different kinds of exotic leaves from the monstera plant, the nypa-palm and the bananas palm tree. palm tree. Make DIY page markers for your planner or bookmarks out of it. Their shape is just the right size to be useful for all kinds of tags. Just download it on your computer, print it and cut the single plants out. You can see on the pictures how I made it myself: I let a small white border around each leaf. That cutting is much more easier this way. Click here for the pdf file of the botanical freebie. For more free botanical templates hop over to my round-up of free printable cactus art and craft: For a round-up of 20 amazing flamingos which are for free download: You are also free to use the bananas palm le

Free printable tropical planner stickers - Agendasticker - freebie

Summer is coming and it's just the right time for the free printable tropical planner stickers I made today. A brightly colored sticker sheet featuring exotic plants (hibiscus blossoms and various palm leaves), fruits (such as pineapple, banana, and watermelon), and flamingos. In fact I even smuggled a cocktail into this collection. As always you can download the template, print it and cut the single items out. The best way to cut the sweet stickers out is letting a small white border around the drawing. It's easier and it looks more professional. They are a gorgeous decorations for your planners, timetables as well as for gift wraps. They make me think about sun, fun and laughter. All motifs for happiness. Click here for the pdf file of the summerly freebie for planner-lovers. Did you know that the word "flamingo" for this long-legged bird comes from Spanish " flamingo " which means flame-colored? It's because of their s