DIY nutcracker decoration


The nutcracker is one of the most popular Christmas decoration trends this year. You can see big toothed nutcrackers in every size, color, and material serving all kind of purposes. Why not making your own Nutcracker Deco? I created a template for y DIY Nutcracker out of paper and cardboard for a fun crafting project in Advent.

A decorative messenger of Good Luck 

Originally nutcrackers were carved out of wood. The wooden figurine was designed to open walnuts, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts. Theirs typical large square mouth could be opened by a lever on their back and crack the shells of nuts in a fun way. 

The original nutcrackers in the form of wood carvings of solders and kings have existed since the 15th century. They mostly were dressed in a buttoned uniform with high hats. Their faces often bearded or wearing a mustache. 

In German tradition they were symbols of good luck and protection for your home. The wooden dolls are said to be guardians of the your family agains danger and represented power and strength. He bares his teeth to evil spirits and serves as a messenger for good luck. 

The nutcracker found his way to America after the Second World War. The need for functionality of this decorative doll disappeared because people bought more and more pre-shelled nuts.

Make your own DIY Nutcracker decor

I designed a printable template of a cute DIY nutcracker. Download it and print it the size of your choice. 

If you want to make it solid and stable glue the paper cutout on cardboard. 

After you glued the cutout template on cardboard, mark the folding lines on the back. To fold it cleanly apply a gentle but firm pressure for the folding lines. You can use a sharp pencil or the blunt side of your scissors. It will be much easier to fold. 

After you glued the the flaps you'll have the cutest nutcracker head. Now you can use it in the for a table center piece, tree ornament, desk decor or to make a shelf more festive.

Last but not least there are many possibilities s to embellish the finished cardboard Nutcracker decor with glitter, pearls, buttons, gel pens and ribbons. 

Download here.

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