Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Print your own fall stickers: free printable hedgehogs and woodland animals

If you are looking for free printable autumnal planner stickers this page is your lucky punch. This post offers not only hedgehogs sweet as a pie but also a whole range of other downloadable treasures.

Right, you might love to be outsite for leisure and enjoy the last rays of sun and the crunching leaves under your boots. But what if you are the type to work around in your home and even so to be aware of the fall season? –  Then grub a mug of hot beverage, start your printer and take some time to beautify and decorate your planners, timetables and bookmarks with seasonal motifs in bright and warm colors and a load of cuteness that will make you smile each time you look at them.

Be bold and have the courrage to show a childlike abilitiy to enjoy minimalistic drawn stickers. (Don't care about men blankly frowning when you are cutting and gluing. Believe me: men also have their  moments of pure joy associated with the fun of a child not caring about the world around them.)

So here is the pdf file with hedgehogs to download for free - for planner stickers or as scrapbooking embellishment. You'll see that I colored the coats of stiff, sharp spines of my litte critters mostliy purple and made their adorable faces bright yellow. Their eyes are sparkling with curiousity.

Did you know that hedgehogs are named because of their foraging method? They root through hedges and undergrowth in search of food such as snails, mice, worms and insects.

For more seasonal themed topics just hop to my list of free printable woodland animals :

And some of you will be intereseted in Thanksgiving freebies too:

I made the lists of free downloads some thime ago - they will be updated though because some of the links might be vanished.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Fall sticker ideas and autumnal paper fun

As most of you know I think highly of the fall season (with its tons of cute motifs for printable stickers, posters, and clip art to beautify planners and organizers). Fall makes me feel good both mentally and physically. So it does not come as a surprise that I decided to write another seasonal post to celebrate the time of brisk temperature and vibrant foliage.

After the summerly themed illustrations like parrots, flamingos, and other exotic motifs – woodland animals now are the stars of the moment. Foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, deers, owls, and even bears are perfect decorations for handmade paper fun ideas: gift tags, stickersheets, timetable borders, planner pages, and bookmarks. 

Autumn is the time to get out and enjoy the last rays of sun as well as the crisp sound of crunching leaves under our feet. It's made for activities like apple-picking, pumpkin-carving, and wine-tasting. Also fall makes me think of sitting under a comfy blanket, sipping a large cup of hot tea or coffee and reading. And of course there is the building anticipation for upcoming holidays.

Autumn is also the time that all shades of green shift into a palette of warm, rich colors from cinnamon red to chocolatey brown (the natural bring-you-down-to-earth kind of color). The edges of three leaves start to turn from deep greens to burnt yellow. Last but not least there is orange (think pumpkin): a bright and warm color which represents positive emotions, such as joy and happiness, as it contents the stimulation of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. Nature is getting itself ready to produce for the future.

Printable planner stickers with cute hedgehogs, mushrooms, and polca dot backgrounds. 

Critter sticker freebies with hedgehogs:

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Autumnal stickers for your planners and other paper craft

October is here and everyone prepares for the new season. I just love that feeling of change in the world when Autumn is coming.

In town the window displays start changing from summery colours to warm orange and Autumnal colours as they start showing Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas decorations.

The air feels fresher and crisper and a new dynamic is in the world as people are preparing for it to get colder.

So it really was time for a mood matching post. :-)

The last hour I browsed through meinlilapark looking for seasonal stickers and I came up with quite an impressive amount you can grab here (an assorted freebie collection for fall).

Owls, acorns, and fall leaves for creative ideas. Just play along with paper and scissors to beautify planners, organizers, diaries and calendar pages as well as gift tags.

Anyone hosting a party these days? – Think of all the ideas you can make with each printable you can download for free as a visitor of this website: use them in your very own way for invitations, table ornaments, straw toppers, favour tags etc.

And... if you are craving for something  motivational these days: Just look at this bookworm - totally worn out but on the top of  its favorite books holding them tightly. ;-)