Fall sticker ideas and autumnal paper fun

As most of you know I think highly of the fall season (with its tons of cute motifs for printable stickers, posters, and clip art to beautify planners and organizers). Fall makes me feel good both mentally and physically. So it does not come as a surprise that I decided to write another seasonal post to celebrate the time of brisk temperature and vibrant foliage.

After the summerly themed illustrations like parrots, flamingos, and other exotic motifs – woodland animals now are the stars of the moment. Foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, deers, owls, and even bears are perfect decorations for handmade paper fun ideas: gift tags, stickersheets, timetable borders, planner pages, and bookmarks. 

Autumn is the time to get out and enjoy the last rays of sun as well as the crisp sound of crunching leaves under our feet. It's made for activities like apple-picking, pumpkin-carving, and wine-tasting. Also fall makes me think of sitting under a comfy blanket, sipping a large cup of hot tea or coffee and reading. And of course there is the building anticipation for upcoming holidays.

Autumn is also the time that all shades of green shift into a palette of warm, rich colors from cinnamon red to chocolatey brown (the natural bring-you-down-to-earth kind of color). The edges of three leaves start to turn from deep greens to burnt yellow. Last but not least there is orange (think pumpkin): a bright and warm color which represents positive emotions, such as joy and happiness, as it contents the stimulation of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. Nature is getting itself ready to produce for the future.

Printable planner stickers with cute hedgehogs, mushrooms, and polca dot backgrounds. 

Critter sticker freebies with hedgehogs:

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