I've got a cold - related goodies and printable pain scale stickers

I made this illustration of a girl holding a hot-water bottle out of an older vector graphic.

The moment I decided to announce my comeback to blogging I got a cold. What bad luck! So instead of a real update of my blog and instead of keeping it in a tip-top shape there came another delay...

The unattractive symptoms of a cold

It turned out that I've got not only a run-of-the-mill cold but a really tough one.
And with the cold came all the unattractive symptoms:
- the puffy, watery, read eyes that look even worse if you've also ben up all night with a cough,
- the dry, cracked, irritated lips from mouth breathing due to the stuffy nose,
- the red runny nose...
Everything began to taste the same and I sounded like I smoke two packs a day.
My brain was definitely foggier than usual.
I still feel lousy and I am way behind schedule.

Things really were falling apart. Today is the first day I feel capable to write a post again.
I've gone through my old stuff looking for illness related illustrations.

Free printable pain scale planner tickers

Between my drawings I found a girl with a headache or migraine. There was even a printable pain scale sticker sheet for planners I once made for my online shop on Etsy. Now it's a freebie for my blog visitors:

The printable pain scale stickers are for the headache prone people among you.  Just click here for the pdf file.

More health related download links

Speaking of illness and health I once collected some awesome links to free printable medicine trackers:

For the healthy ones I also remembered my collection of small get-well gift ideas and prints to wish someone get well soon (updated February 2019):

Lots of freebies aren't available any more simply because the blogs vanished. So I'm updating all health themed posts and I'm trying to find some new goodies and inspiration for you.

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