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1. Free printable family poster in two different shades:
family is a gift that lasts forever

2. Free family printable:
Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. 
it means you will love and beloved for the rest of your life. 
no matter what. from 

3. Free printable rules for kids:
always be kind
stand up for yourself
do hard things even if you don't think you can
follow your dreams
get dirty & have fun
believe in yourself
find time to play
hug often
from picklebums.

4. Free house rules printable:
In this house we
forgive, listen, say please & thank you,
respect eachother, don't whine, laugh,
say I love you, make mistakes, believe in faith, hope.
from getouttamyheadplease.

5. Free family rules printable:
put the other person first
speak with love
tell the truth
mind your manners
make the right choice
be courageous
guard your heart
forgive freely
always do your best
be thankful.
from southerndisposition.

6. Free printable family rules on green and white striped background from todayscreativeblog.

7. Free printable family rules from coffeecleancupcake.

8. Free kitchen rules printable in 4 different shades:
sit up straight, put your napkin in your lap,
give every food a try, good manners always,
do not talk with your mouth full, eat your vegetables,
keep your elbows off the table, use your inside voice,
be polite and say please and thank you, chew with your mouth closed,
help the cook, excuse yourself before you get up,
help clear the table, be thankful for this meal.

9. Free table manners printable:
sit up straight, napkins go in your lap, no elbows on the table,
use your utensils, don't play with your food, eat your vegetables,
say please and thank you, use your inside voice, chew with you mouth closed,
excuse yourself before you get up, clear your dishes, be thankful for this meal.

10. Free bathroom printable:
BRUSH your teeth
you don't have to brush all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep

11. Free bathroom printable:
WASH your hands
soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul.

12. Free bathroom printable:
HANG our towel
a towel is a useful thing but only if you allow it to dry.

13. Free bathroom printable:

14. Free playroom rules printable:
welcome everyone, dare to be silly,
imagine, share together, create,
mind your manners, think positive thoughts,
tidy as you go, giggle, dance, compliment,
do your best, dream big.
from mommymaywe.

15. Free house rules printable:
Tell the truth, help those who need it,
say you're sorry, forgive each other,
laugh often, give hugs & kisses,
try your best, use kind words,
love one another.
from coffeewithus3

16. Free in love many times printable:
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times
and always with the same person.

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