Friday, May 4, 2018

Free digital butterfly scrapbooking paper wonder - Geschenkpapier + monthly calendar

This is the most beautiful butterfly pattern I ever made – and it's now a free digital scrapbooking paper you can download for your own projects. 
As always I made a printable paper version too for all the creative people among you who love DIY projects with papers. 

Some of you will recognize the pattern paper out of a tutorial (how to make a 3D paper sticker+ free template) for 3D butterflies.

There are so many ways to use the papers. I myself already used it as a wrapping paper as well as for envelopes, wall art and buntings. So just download the paper on your computer, print it and start to work away with it. 

Below is the DIN A4 sized option you can get as a pdf file for free if you don't want to download the compressed jpeg file with the right mouse click. 

Get the pdf file here.

The squared title picture above is a seamless pattern tile you can use for digital backgrounds of all sizes.

I also created a monthly may calendar page for you:

Get the free calendar pdf file on dropbox.

At the end of the english written post I also put a summer bird border with transparent background. Png files like these are perfect as blog dividers or as an embellishment for digital scrapbooking.

Einige von Euch werden das Schmetterlingsmuster, das ich für dieses kostenlos ausdruckbare Geschenkpapier gezeichnet habe, wiederkennen. Ich habe es schon mit anderem Hintergrund zur Verfügung gestellt und schon gezeigt, wie man einen 3D Papierschmetterling damit machen kann.

Jetzt habe ich außerdem ein Schmetterlingsbordes mit transparentem Hintergrund hinzugefügt, das jene unter euch vielleicht mögen, die digitale Clipart für ihre Website oder ihren blog benötigen. 

Wenn ihr digital auch einen Hintergrund mit den Schmetterlingen machen wollt, könnt ihr dafür das Titelbild nehmen (seamless pattern tile).