Monday, June 16, 2014

10+ Free printable bookmarks for kids - ausdruckbare Lesezeichen - links

10 + free printable bookmarks for children
or playful grown-ups
- free bookmark downloads

Make reading fun with cute DIY bookmarks for kids. – Just pick your favorite bookmark motif:

1) Free printable adorable red riding hood and wolf bookmarks from le blog du printable. No longer avaiable.

2) Free printable cute animal bookmarks (monkey, elephant and zebra) for kids from piikea street.

3) Free printable day and night bookmarks with giraffe, bunny, bear and tiger for little kids from mr printable.

4) Free printable summer fruit bookmarks with smiling faces from jinjerup.

5) Free printable super cute kitty cats bookmarks from wild olive.

6) Free printable school supplies bookmarks with smiling faces (pencil, ruler, fun bacon and bandage) from wild olive.

7) Free printable kawaii pigtails (adorable little girls) bookmarks for girls from the pigtails. No longer available.

8) Free printable super cute animal bookmarks (ladybug, seal, koala and turtle) from wildlife fun 4 kids.

9) Free printable woodland animals bookmarks (squirrel, bear, owl, fox, bunny and bird) from lia griffith.

10) Free printable light pink bookmark with cute fox graphic and flowers from meteor mermaid.

11) Free printable kokeshi doll bookmark : japanese girl from me in lila park.

12) Free printable cute rabbit bookmark from me in lila park.

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Hier habe ich Links zu kostenlos ausdruckbaren Lesezeichen gesammelt, an denen Kinder und verspielte Erwachsene ihren besonderen Spaß haben werden. Lustige Tiere als Lesezeichen, Sommerfrüchte, Schulmaterial, Kokeshi oder Rotkäppchen. - All diese Links führen zu tollen kostenlosen Buchzeichen Downloads, die es mir selbst besonders angetan haben. Viel Spaß!

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  1. I love this list of bookmark links as i love reading,
    Thank you so much, love Christine in Italy

    x Rene:- not sure if i wanted Italy to win as i was born in England but it was a good match and the best team wins. by Christine

    1. Hi Christine, I was born in Scotland, so when OZ comes up against England, Scotland and Italy may the best team win. Have a great day.
      Rene xo

    2. Thanks for your comment, Christine! I love reading too!! ♡
      ♡ Sandra

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    1. My pleasure, Rene! Thanks for your comments! ☀︎
      ♡ Sandra