Saturday, May 24, 2014

Free printable vintage rose stationery - ausdruckbares Briefpapier - freebie

Today I created some free printable vintage rose writing papers for you. Huge pink and white vintage rose blossoms decorate the papers in 3 different color options.
Just download and print the papers out and use them as romantic DIY writing paper for snail mail or invitations, for lovely DIY envelope liners or for your other paper art and paper crafting projects.

>> Enjoy! <<
click on images to enlarger

free printable vintage rose stationery
light pink background

free printable vintage rose stationery

free printable rose stationery
with antik green background

free printable vintage flower writing paper
with light red background

Download tutorial:
When you click on the image, it will appear larger. If you have a PC, just right mouse click and save the file to your computer. If you have a Mac, click ctrl and (at the same time) mouse click on the image until you get a pop-up menu with an option to save the file.

☞ Looking for the matching free digital rose frame png? – Just click:

☞ Looking for more free printable flower stationeries? – Just click:

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Hallo liebe Besucher von MeinLilaPark! Heute habe ich kostenlos ausdruckbares Briefpapier mit Vintage Rosen-Motiv für euch kreiert. Üppige pinke und eine weiße Rosenblüte verzieren die Papiere.
Wie immer könnt ihr die Druckvorlagen gratis auf euren eigenen Computer herunterladen, ausdrucken und als DIY Briefpapier, edel aussehendes Papier für Einladungen oder für andere Projekte verwenden. Viel Spaß!

Kostenloser Download:
Ihr könnt die Rosenpapier mit Mausklick drauf und Auswahlmenü herunterladen. Wer noch nicht weiß, wie man so aus dem Internet Bilder herunterladen kann, findet hier eine Anleitung.


  1. Thank you,
    Roses are so pretty,
    Love Christine in Italy xx

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful digis you provide for us. These roses are beautiful!

  3. Ooohh roses! I think the quintessential symbol for anything romantic is the rose, which makes those printables perfect for any occasion that calls for a little love in the air. They are very elegant and the soft tones are perfect. Thank you so much for sharing the guide and the printables. Cheers!

    Jorjana Brown @ All Scrapbook Steals