Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free father's day printables - Vatertag Druckvorlagen - links

Round-up of free father's day party printables
- free father's day downloads

1) Free printable father's day cards from design is yay:

Dads are YAY!

2) Free printable father's day card with mustache and orange polka dot bow from one charming party:

Happy Father's Day!

3) Free printable father's day cards from tomcat studio:

No 1 Dad
You're the best Dad
I love you, Dad

4) Free father's day printable from thatswhatchesaid:

Some super heroes don't have capes...
they are called Dad!

5) Free printable super cute father's day subway art from holiday snobs.

6) Free printable bottle wrap / printable coke can sleeve from oopseydaisyblog.

7) Free printable father's day neck tie bottle tags from every day savvy.

8) Free father's day printable from amamas2centsworth:

Who needs a superhero
when you have DAD!

9) Free printable father's day party kit: necktie cupcake toppers tags and banner  (versions for dad, granddad and step-dad) from Amanda Holliman Parker via sribd.

10) Free printable father's day DIY mini cake bunting (+ card) from hazel fly.

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Hier habe ich ein kostenlos ausdruckbare Karten, Geschenkanhänger, Poster, DIY Girlanden für den Geschenke zum Vatertag zusammengesucht. Zwar sind sie auf Englisch, aber ich hoffe, sie bereiten allen ein wenig Freude.

Auf Deutsch findet ihr ein tolles kostenlos ausdruckbares Poster für den Vatertag bei scrapinfeacted.

Auch auf Deutsch ist ein süßer kostenlos ausdruckbarer Geschenkanhäger (du bist mein Held Papa!) für den Vatertag bei color spell.


200 x 200 button:


  1. Thanks for the interesting links,
    Love Christine in Italy xx

  2. Thanks. off to check out the links :)

  3. Thanks for the gift.
    ~Faillite Echenard Escroc

  4. I like it so much. Thank, my father jean will enjoy it.

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    Many criminal complaint against him...

  6. Yes, he is my son Gerald. I will continue this scam and sell appartments.