Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Free printable pattern tags and labels ♥ ausdruckbare Etiketten ♥ freebie

Today I created this free printable tag collection out of my scrapbooking papers. So there are countless patterns: gingham, polka dot, checkered, chevron, marrocan, doodle, stars, cherries, apples, owls, cakes... – you name it... ☺ I just love the cheerful color and pattern mix, don't you?
Just download, print and use these tags as DIY address labels for envelopes and parcels, DIY seals for envelopes, name plates, book plates, gift tags and more.

>> Enjoy! <<
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free printable tags: collection 1
created out of meinlilapark-papers

free printable tags: collection 2
created out of meinlilapark-papers
How to download:
When you click on the image, it will appear larger. If you have a PC, just right mouse click and save the file to your computer. If you have a Mac, click ctrl and (at the same time) mouse click on the image until you get a pop-up menu with an option to save the file.

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Hallo liebe Besucher von MeinLilaPark! Heute habe ich diese kostenlos ausdruckbare Kollektion Etiketten für euch kreiert. Wer meinen Blog oft besucht, wird die Muster auf den Etiketten erkennen: Jede Etikette ist aus einem meiner ausdruckbaren Geschenkpapiere gemacht. Darum dieses fröhlich bunte Gemisch an Farben und Mustern: Pünktchenmuster, Zickzackmuster, Wellenmuster, kariertes Muster, Muster mit Sternen, Kirschen, Äpfeln, Kuchen... In Zitronengelb, Sonnengelb, Babygelb, Dunkelblau, Hellrot, Knallrot, Babyrosa, Pink – endlos!
Wie immer könnt ihr die Druckvorlagen gratis auf euren eigenen Computer herunterladen (eine Anleitung dazu findet ihr hier) und ausdrucken. Sie eignen sich für DIY Geschenkkärtchen, als lustige Adresskleber auf Briefen und Päckchen, als DIY Siegel für Briefumschläge, als NamenEtiketten für Heftumschläge, Schulheftetiketten etc. Viel Spaß!
200 x 200 Button:
150 x 150 Button:


  1. Oh my these are wonderful,
    Thank you love Christine in Italy xx

  2. Thanks for your tags and papers. They are fun and appreciated.

  3. Blessings and many thanks for this gift ,hugs Nana Kat

  4. I was unreasonalbly tickled by the other page of labels/tags in which you had papers that matched and co-ordinated all in one big searching necessary. Then I clicked the link for these and...again...unreasonably giddy! The weather in Port Huron has gone from long sunny days to shorter, rainy, dreary, cooler to cold days. The colors of the changing leaves are amazing, but not enough to brighten the grey days. The roses paper you have gave me the wonder as to whether or not something similiar was out there in the fall leaf colors. Playing among your pages has put a little sunshine back into this grey day, and I almost did not pay attention to the siren for chemical hazard that is going off in Chemical Valley, Sarnia. Ontario...Just ten minutes over the river. Port Huron is on an international border, but thankfully, we get along great with our neighbor, Oh, Canada....Blessings from Susie in Port Huron, Michigan, USA

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Susie! ♥ You really made my day! ☀ I will try and post tomorrow some papers and tags with fall leaves and fall leaf colors. :)

  5. Hallo! Bei mir klappt das nicht mit dem ausdrucken. Wie mache ich das?