Friday, August 17, 2012

free smiley icons for mood charts (part 1) – scrap smiley png's – smiley clipart graphics – freebies

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free smiley poster
for mood journaling and mood tracking
boy and girl smileys

free scrap angry smiley png
transparent background
angry smiley illustration

free scrap ok smiley png
transparent background
ok smiley illustration

free scrap sad smiley png
transparent background
sad smiley illustration

free scrap embarrassed smiley png
transparent background
embarrassed smiley illustration

Hi lovelies! ♡ Today I'm sharing a free printable smiley illustration poster and smiley png's with transparent background with you. They are perfect for mood journaling and mood tracking. I created them especially as elements for teachers of kindergarden and for school teachers. But you also can use them for scrapbooking, journaling, card making or fun tags. Aren't these smileys cute? And have you ever seen girl and boy smileys? ☺


Tutorial for downloading images:
When you click on the image, it will appear larger. Then, if you have a PC, just right mouse click and save the file to your computer. If you have a Mac, click ctrl and (at the same time) mouse click on the image until you get a pop-up menu with an option to save the file.

Hallo liebe Besucher von MeinLilaPark! Heute habe ich ein kostenlos ausdruckbares Smiley Poster und smiley png's mit transparentem Hintergrund für euch. Ich habe sie spezielle für Kindergärtner und Grundschullehrer entworfen. Aber sie lassen sich natürlich nicht nur im Kindergarten und in der Schule, sonder auch super beim Scrappen, Karten machen, im Tagebuch oder für Spaßetiketten verwenden. 

Viel Spaß!