Saturday, August 18, 2012

free printable word art stickers AND free scrap png stickers – Spruchsticker – freebie

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free printable scrapbooking stickers
word art stickers

free scrap word art png's
word art scrapbooking embellishment

free scrap sticker png "deal with it"
scrapbooking embellishment

free scrap sticker png "smile"
scrapbooking embellishment

Hi lovelies! ♡ Today I'm sharing some encouraging word art stickers with you. All of them once in a printable fun word art collection with white background, once as funny word art scrap png's with transparent background. They are awesome as scrapbooking and journaling embellishment, for card making or as a whimsical gift box embellishment.
I created these digital and printable word art stickers as a convenient and funny way to calm yourself down, if you are in trouble with somebody. Do you want to take a chill pill? Yeah? Really? Then should read and read again this printable word art collection. You will see: it works! They are not only fun, they really can calm you down... well, at least for the moment you are concentrated on reading them... ☺ ☺

{Take it easy, take your time, stretch, relax, don't mind, stay cool, don't be an eejit, be a big girl, just fix it, deal with it, get over it, smile, enjoy, be happy}

Hallo liebe Besucher von MeinLilaPark! ♡ Heute habe kostenlos ausdruckbare oder auch digital verwendbare Spruchsticker für euch. Einmal als ausdruckbare Sammlung mit weißem Hintergrund und einmal als png's mit transparentem Hintergrund. Die word art sticker eignen sich super für Srapbooking und Journaling, für Karten machen, aber auch als Verzierung für Geschenkverpackungen, Etiketten usw.
Auf mich wirken sie auf angenehm lustige Art entspanned, wenn ich sie lese...