Sunday, July 14, 2019

Thinking ahead: printable 2020 calendar in pink marshmallow design

With this 2020 overview calendar I'm ready for the ultimate comeback to blogging. (And, o boy,  it's high time – in order to stay visible).

My break turned into a lengthy absence. A few months have gone by since my last entry. Some of you may even have given up the hope to see me ever again. But after several severe set-backs this is my serious and conscious effort to return to blogging and to revert to normality. 

After I've had to delete a ton of spam comments 🙄 I was thinking about a new ready-to-go item my visitors would like to download and print. I decided on a printable 2020 calendar in a soft pink and white watercolor design. The baby pink color reminds me of marshmallows, candyfloss, and other mood lifting foods like cupcakes covered with sugary icing in pastel color shades. (Did I ever say that I have a sweet tooth?...).

So now. Here you are. This is the link for the free download of the high quality pdf-file from Dropbox.

Still there will be a lot of time consuming work to do for me : I will have to update posts and pages.  It's a bliss that most of the posts and downloads on MeinLilaPark are evergreen content.