Friday, February 8, 2019

My comeback to blogging with a llama printable

A llama freebie for come back

This printable February calendar featuring a baby llama is my comeback to blogging after quite a long break. (In fact the break turned into a lengthy absence. A few months have gone by since my last entry.)

Now this llama printable is my conscious effort to return to blogging and to revive MeinLilaPark. 
While I've been absent from blogging, my traffic and blog engagement has somewhat suffered. But it's not the end of the world and not that drastic.  

I hope to bring the blog in tip-top shape again and to be able to add a brand new content to it.

The cuteness of llama animal trend

Anyway I've decided that my first printable after this long break deserves an overload of cuteness: this wonderfully weird looking, four-legged animal with its look of innocence. 
I've drawn my llama emphasizing large and openly curious looking eyes.

It's a doodle I made a long time ago. Next to the flamingo and the unicorn the llama is an growing trend in fashion and interior. 
I'm sure the more imaginatives of you want to cuddle it because of its extreme fluffiness. A llama is soft enough to sink your arm halfway up to the elbow in its fleece when you pet it.


The only especially marked day on this monthly calendar page is Valentine's Day, February 14, as the celebration of romance and romantic love.

Free Download

So enjoy just enjoy or click here for the pdf file template.